Alzheimer’s Research Is More Corruption Than ‘Settled Science’

Most of the modern world has likely heard of Alzheimer’s disease and the devastating mental effects it inflicts on patients. Even if you don’t know many specifics about the condition, you know it attacks cognitive ability; and you probably know someone who has dealt with symptoms in their later years. Along with cancer and heart disease, Alzheimer’s is one of the few major conditions that have truly dominated the conversation surrounding health over the past century.

And yet, despite all of the advancements in medical technology, researchers still haven’t found a cure for the disease of forgetfulness and confusion. They haven’t really even found many helpful treatment options — medications may slow the mental deterioration, but they don’t fix much of anything.

As we know, there’s no money in the cure, and the business of medicine needs generationally sick customers. So science did what science does: it formulated a hypothesis, did enough testing to draw connections, and then settled the matter as fact. By the early 1990s, researchers started discrediting any new hypotheses that cast doubt on their “Amyloid plaque” theory (which you can read more about HERE), even though the plaque was never isolated as a cause — it was just a postmortem piece of evidence.

Which brings us to the most important lesson you’ll ever learn about modern medicine, science, and the business of knowledge, especially in the case of big business illness like Alzheimer’s

Because funding is always the primary driver behind research, any researchers who hope to buck the system and actually find the truth must go up against the “machine” that the original research supports. That machine elevates the data that serves them into a dogma of sorts — a religion of their own information. To discredit that information is to publicly defy “science” and become a heretic to knowledge; and they’ll ruin you for it.

“Amidst more than two dozen interviews,” a 2019 STAT News expose revealed, “scientists whose ideas fell outside the dogma recounted how, for decades, believers in the dominant hypothesis suppressed research on alternative ideas: They influenced what studies got published in top journals, which scientists got funded, who got tenure, and who got speaking slots at reputation-buffing scientific conferences.”

In the years following, more “research” continues to hit journals, yet nothing even resembling a cure ever surfaces. In fact, research doctors in the past 11 months have even accused mainstream Alzheimer’s research of falsifying images completely back in 2006. But still, the cabal of big name, big dollar researchers who hold their Alzheimer’s theories in the highest esteem continue to dimnate the conversation.

“Admitting doubt, let alone error, would not only be a blow to the ego but also a threat to livelihood”

“It’s difficult to break into a field with so many strong voices supporting a single target,” INmune Bio CEO Dr. Raymond Tesi explained to STAT News. “Alzheimer’s has egos and superstars and big personas unlike anything I’ve seen elsewhere.”

These men and women had lucrative careers to defend. “Admitting doubt,” STAT senior writer Sharon Begley concluded, “let alone error, would not only be a blow to the ego but also a threat to livelihood.”

If you’re noticing some similarity between this cautionary tale and other global groupthink “emergencies” or “pandemics” or “existential threats,” then congratulations — you’re one of the few folks actually paying attention. All of this is to underscore why it is so important to stop relying on public services for health and wellness advancement. Take control of your life by learning the basic, fundamental tenets of biological prosperity; and always take the “science” with an appropriate grain of salt.

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