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Pets Are A Great Serotonin Booster. Meet The 24/7 Health Team’s Furry Friends!

Let’s face it… happiness is pets! We’re all looking every day to feel happy and live well. Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes and looks slightly different for everyone. One way, in particular, I find my own happiness is by squeezing my pets at home. 

“Moro” – Ann Marie DiSalvo (Social Media Coordinator)

What is happiness anyways? A scientist would probably point to our serotonin levels to explain it. Serotonin carries messages between our brain and our nervous system that then travel throughout the body in the form of positive emotion. It plays a key role in our mood, sleep, digestion, bone health, sexual health, and overall functionality.

“Crew” – Reni Coulson (Account Manager & Producer)

Regularly keeping your serotonin levels high is a biological way to ensure positive effects on your overall daily life and mood. Good positive energy is radiating — the more positivity you put out, the more you get back in life. It all leads to overall wellness. 

“Toby” – Mike King (General Manager)

And we need to take better care of our mental health in any way we can. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 21 million adults in the US experience a major depressive episode every year. A lack of serotonin is part of the problem, and unfortunately, the problem keeps getting worse in America. But we can feel better by finding these natural ways to boost our serotonin levels and making them a priority!

“Dolly Barkin'” – TK Sanders (Managing Editor)

Overall, pets are one of the cutest and most natural way to boost your serotonin! Of course, owning a pet takes a lot of time and responsibility which is why we suggest if you don’t have your own pet at home think about fostering or volunteering at a local shelter. Or if you don’t have the funds then go on social media!!! There are pet videos everywhere that are just adorable and can help you easily boost your serotonin. 

“Nala” – Arielle & Gabe (Writers)

In the meantime… hopefully you’ve loved meeting the 24/7 Health team’s pets that are the “behind the scenes” serotonin boosters in our lives! 

“Mushi” – Ann Marie DiSalvo (Social Media Coordinator)

Happiness is pets. And we sure do ❤️ ours!

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