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“Your body hears everything your mind says.”

– Naomi Judd

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Friday. The weekend is knocking. Let’s talk about something fun–poultry.Why is it that “it tastes like chicken” is so often used to describe the tasteof an unusual food? Maybe it is because most chicken in the U.S tastes like…ehhh… nothing. Anything can kind of taste like chicken because chicken doesn’treally have a unique taste of its own. Why is that? Let’s dive in.

Chicken Breast, Broccoli, White Rice

The unofficial official meal used by bodybuilders around the world. Chickenbreast, steamed broccoli, and some white rice. A meal that is high in protein,low in fat, and unfortunately low in flavor, excitement, and nutrients.Bodybuilders or not, we consume a lot of chicken in the U.S. It is actuallythe number one protein consumed in this country and we consume more of it thananyone else in the world. How much chicken, you ask? A whopping 93.5 lbs perperson in 2018. The poultry space is worth a cool $576 billion, supports over 2million jobs, and features over 99% of chickens coming from factoryfarms.Needless to say, the poultry industry is a big problem. The entire industryblindly operates with a single goal in mind–creating the heaviest chicken inthe shortest amount of time. Big chicken corporations drive this goal forwardwith an incentive-based pay structure that compensates chicken farmers byweight. The base pay for these chicken farmers is minimal, meaning that theyneed to produce big birds or make very little money. Chicken farmers then usebreed selection and a complete disregard for animal welfare and environmentalconcerns toget birds to grow fast. Most chicken consumed in the U.S is one of threebreeds of Cornish Cross birds, all selectively bred to convert feed intotissue at rates that are completely unnatural and unhealthy for the animal. In1925, it took 112 days to get a chicken to a slaughter weight of 2.5 lbs.Today, it takes just 47 days to get a chicken to a slaughter weight of 5.8lbs. These birds are getting so big, so fast that many of their legs snap asthey grow,leaving immobilized chickens to live the rest of their lives right where theyfell, until they are ready to be slaughtered. Then there are also theenvironmental concerns. No different than cattle or pork operations, chickenfactory farms are terrible for the environment, polluting both the air andwaterways with manure runoff and ammonia. The solution? True pasture-raisedpoultry must be the future of chicken. Chicken can be a nutritious, flavorful,and environmentally-friendly staple of our diets if we do the work to push theindustry in that direction. We need chickens growing at a natural rate thatare actually allowed outdoors, and are fed a more well rounded diet than justGMO soy, corn, and antibiotics. Believe it or not–if done the right way,chicken should be the only thing that tastes like chicken, and it should tastegood!

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Don’t Soak A Splinter In Water

It can feel exhausting to keep up with the latest health trends and updates.Low fat, low carb, do this, don’t do that, etc. Good thing you have The DailyTonic to keep you on top of it all. On that note, make sure you refer us to afriend (or ten). But anyway–it seems there have also been ways that first aidhas changed! Don’t soak a splinter in water, don’t put ice directly on a burn,don’t use hydrogen peroxide to clean a wound?! Good thing, this WashingtonPost articleoutlines a few of the most up to date dos and don’ts for some of the mostcommon first aid needs you may run into this summer. The hydrogen peroxidething was news to me! Enjoy the weekend!

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