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“One thing that does seem to be clear is that health and happiness are

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Tuesday. After some light googling for material to make a joke about theMonopoly board game, I found this–Monopoly forMillennials.The tag line for this version of the game is “Forget Real Estate. You can’tafford it anyway.” Oooof. Zinger. Anyway, you know what isn’t so funny? Thetrue extent of America’s food monopolies. Let’s dive in.

This Version Of Monopoly Is No Game

This may not seem too surprising, but according to a recent investigation byThe Guardian, food choice at supermarkets is largely anillusion.That’s right. Next time you walk into the supermarket and are debating betweenwhich can of salsa or fresh cut salad to buy, keep in mind that they are mostlikely made by the same company. The difference is mostly just in thepackaging and the marketing. There are only a handful of powerful companiesthat control the majority market share of almost 80% of grocery items boughtregularly by ordinary Americans. There are actually a few powerfultransnational companies that control every link of the food supply chain. Theyproduce the seeds and the fertilizer, they own the slaughterhouses and thesupermarkets, and make everything from cereal to beer. The same companies havetheir hands in all of it. So what’s the big deal? With that much size, comes alot of power and influence. Controlling this much of the supply chain meansthese corporations also control what farmers grow, how much farmers get paid,what consumers buy, and what groceries cost. According to the data collectedby The Guardian investigations, about 15 cents of every dollar spent on foodgoes to the actual farmer. The rest of that dollar goes to the processing andmarketing of those products. So who are the main culprits? Kraft Heinz,General Mills, Conagra, Unilever and Delmonte are among the handful of foodgiants that own pretty much everything you’ll find on a grocery store shelf.The problem is that these giants own many other brands, so it isn’t like youwalk down the aisle and see nothing but General Mills branded productseverywhere. You see all sorts of different granolas, cereals, bars fromdifferent “brands,” but if you were to peel back the layers, you’d realizethat all those different brands are owned by the same behemoth company. Howdid we get here? Heavy lobbying of course. During the 2020 election cycle, thefood industry spent $175 million on politicalcontributions. This is so that regulations could stay loose and continue toallow big companies to grow and gobble up more market share and influence–allat the expense of farmers, consumers, and food industry workers. The solution?The best way to make sure farmers get more than just 15 cents to the dollar ofthe money you spend on food is to buy directly from the farmer. Is everyonegoing to live close enough to a farm to do this? Probably not, but you wouldbe surprised what you can find within driving distance if you look. This is agreat resource to find a farm nearyou. Aseducated consumers, every dollar we can spend outside of the food industrymonopoly is a step in the right direction. It may be a small step, but if weeducate those around us, those small steps add up and that is how real changebecomes possible.

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Hallelujah. Coffee Drinkers Rejoice!

Looking for some good news? According to recentresearch,you do not have to worry about coffee consumption leading to a higher risk ofdeveloping an abnormal heartbeat. I didn’t even know that was a thing, but Iguess this means coffee is still good to go for health nerds like you and me.Thank goodness. I am all about optimizing health, but don’t take my coffeeaway! All jokes aside, coffee is one of the main culprits when it comes tomycotoxin exposure due to mold growth. Check out these mold free coffeebrands tostay in the clear and make sure your coffee consumption isn’t masking poorsleep habits. But other than that, enjoy your daily cup of joe, health nerds!

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