Issue 127 | Jell-O, newest health food.

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“Nurturing yourself is not selfish – it’s essential to your survival and

your well-being.”

– Renee Peterson Trudeau

_The Daily Tonic is a two to five minute read sharing science backed

health news and tips, all while getting you to crack a smile or even_ lol on occasion.

Tuesday. Let’s start off with something that isn’t healthy–gaining thismuch weight in just three weeks. That is an impressive level of dedication by Marky Markhimself. Now for something that IS healthy–adding collagen or gelatin to yourdiet. Why? How? Let’s dive in.

I’d Like Some More Jell-O Please

Who would’ve thought Jell-O would be such a health food? Probably no one sinceit is most definitely not a health food. However, there is one ingredient inthere that is very good for your health and isn’t talked about much–gelatin.Gelatin is the broken down form of collagen, which essentially just means thatboth gelatin and collagen have the same amino acids, but they just come indifferent chemical structures. It’s all the same good stuff, delivered inslightly different packaging. So back to everyone’s favorite school cafeteriadessert. Once you take away the excessive amounts of sugar, artificialflavors, and red dye #40, Jell-O is made up of gelatin. Now, that hardly makesit a staple of a healthy diet. You should get your collagen or gelatin fromfar better sources than anything with red dye #40. But why is this stuff sobeneficial? According to some research, collagen has been shown to aid withjoint,skin, andbonehealth. Now come on; Who doesn’t want healthy looking skin? Bones andjoints–also important I guess, but getting rid of these crow’s feet is allthat really matters, ammaright? Gelatin specifically, is the richest foodsource of glycine, an amino acid linked to maintaining good cardiovascularhealth. It is also an important amino acid that helps preserve musclemass, whichis crucial as we age. And if you thought that still wasn’t enough to make youjump on the gelatin bandwagon, glycine has also been shown to significantlyaid with sleep quality. Introducing more collagen into your diet is also a great wayto promote better gut health, which if you read yesterday’s Daily Tonic, ispretty dang important. The problem is that many of us are not getting nearlyenough collagen or gelatin in our diets. Even people that are “eating healthy”tend to eat only muscle meat (which are leaner cuts), as opposed to the morecomplete “nose to tail” way of eating meat that we as humans were previouslyaccustomed to. By eating the entire animal, we were naturally consuming plentyof collagen. But today, we love our plain, lean chicken breasts… no collagenthere. The solution? Hint: it isn’t Jell-O. Bone broth is a great DIY sourceof collagen. There are also plenty of great collagen supplements you canincorporate into your diet, like the clean, environmental toxin free collagen,CP1 from today’s sponsor

Collagen From A Company Committed To Clean!

**Now that you know how important collagen is, here’s a great way to add it

to your diet. Combine it with some vitamin C for the ultimate skin and guthealth boosting combination.**

For a limited time only, use code DAILYCP1 for 25% off the entire Puoristore. Stock up on fish oil, magnesium, vitamin D, collagen, and vitaminC from asupplement brand that is committed to making clean, easily absorbablesupplements that your body needs and is most likely lacking.

Healthier Skin, Bones, andJoints!

If You’d Like to Live and Thrive Longer, Raise Your Hand.

Now, if you are the creative type, keep your hand raised. Singing, visualartistry, theater performance–if these are things you love to participate in,keep those hands raised. If your hand is still up, you are in pretty goodshape. According to recent research, participating in creative activities canlead to great longevity. There is just something about working those creative muscles,that serves as mental push ups of sorts to keep you young as you age.Hopefully writing for a health newsletter counts as a creative activitybecause if it does, I may have just reversed my biological clock by at least acouple of years with all these Daily Tonics. Just another reason to keepwriting and bringing you some daily health news and tips that (hopefully) makeyou lol on occasion.

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