Issue 125 | Meat and politics on a Friday

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Friday. Let’s wrap up the week with something that is totally notpolarizing–politics. Just kidding… well, kind of. This is less about politicsand more about something finally getting done to push the meat industry in theright direction. Let’s dive in.

Government Actually Doing Something Productive?

I know. I’m skeptical too, but there is hope here. Here is something vegansare right about–the meat industry in the U.S sucks. It is a cruel and brokensystem that doesn’t really benefit anyone aside from the big four meatprocessing companies at the very top. The solution of course is not toencourage people to replace their conventional meat with GMO soy and canolaoil science experiments. The solution we need is better meat production at thefarm level. We need more meat that is raised using regenerative practices toproduce healthier food and promote a healthier environment. So is the Bidenadministration signing a royal decree making regenerative agriculture the lawof the land? Not really, nor should they. Without getting too polarizing orpolitical–is it the government’s job to mandate what we should do or how weshould grow our food? Ehh, I am going to say no. What would be helpful is forthe government to close loopholes that allow big corporations to consolidateto the point where they can basically do whatever they want with zeroreproach. Kind of like the type of monopoly status that the Big Meat FourHorsemen of the Apocalypse (JBS, Tyson, Cargill, National Beef) currentlyenjoy. That is exactly what the Biden administration is attempting to do withthis recent Executive Order. Even the U.S. Department of Agriculture is jumping inon the bandwagon! On the same day the Executive Order was signed, the USDAlaid out a multipronged plan to increase competition and fairness in the meat andpoultry industries. The plan also targets a troubling loophole regarding the”Made in the U.S” label found on a lot of the meat products found in supermarkets.. Yousee big meat producers actually import a lot of cheap foreign beef, process ithere in the U.S, and then label it as U.S beef, without a American farmer evertouching that product. Woohoo–government doing stuff. Jokes aside, thisExecutive Order and proposed USDA plan is promising IF there is some actualfollow through (big IF). The consolidation in the meat industry has made itsusceptible to cyberattacks, unable to adapt in a crisis, allowed for pricemanipulation, led to dangerous foodborne illnessoutbreaks,and left the actual hardworking farmer out to dry. Not to mention they arestill producing the unhealthiest version of meat we can buy and destroying ourenvironment in the process. The solution? Do nothing and wait for thegovernment to fix it all for us. Ha–got you again! The best thing we can do aseducated consumers is to keep voting with our dollars. By supporting localfarmers and brands raising meat the right way, we can move towards meaningfulchange faster than any Executive Order can. Speaking of which, our friends atKettle and Fire just released their new Bone Broth made with grass-fed cowbones raised using regenerativeagriculture.We were so excited we couldn’t wait for the Tonic Shots to tell you about it.Rumor has it that using code REGEN gets you 15% off!

Carbs can be tough to completely cut out…

So how can you get lean, and still occasionally indulge?

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Get Lean

WFH Lessons Learned

Work from home taught us a lot. We learned just how much the dogs actuallybark, the fact that not snacking is impossible when your office is next toyour fridge, and that sharing a workspace with a spouse can get…interesting… But on a serious note, WFH taught us a lot of valuable lessonsin regards to mental health and generalwellness asit relates to the workplace. The good news is that a lot of employers aretaking those lessons and making permanent changes to improve the quality oflife of their employees. So while the days packed with back to back Zoommeetings may be coming to an end as offices open back up, there is a new levelof flexibility around work from home policies that are being put in place bymany companies. It turns out that happier and healthier employees actuallyhelp with productivity and retention. What a concept.

Tonic Shots

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