Issue 124 | High School reunions can be dangerous.

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“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.”

– Voltaire

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Thursday. What could high school reunions possibly have to do with yourhealth? Well, as things open back up, people are preparing to see their peersin person for the first time in what seems like forever–just like a highschool reunion. The pressure to look a certain way as we reemerge postpandemic is getting a lot of people to hit the gym and to hit it hard. Theproblem? Some people might be hitting the gym a little too hard. Let’s divein.

Rhabdo Is A Thing.

Rhabdomyolysis. Say that three times fast. I know, I know. We started talkingabout High School reunion syndrome (made that up) and now we are throwing outlong, confusing health jargon. Pardon the whiplash but bear with me. It’ll allcome together I promise. Rhabdomyolysis happens when you bite off a little bitmore than you can chew workout wise. Usually referred to as rhabdo, thecondition is typically brought on by repetitive, unfamiliar movement thatbreaks down muscle cells to the point at which they essentially burst and die.The cells then leak toxic contents, like creatine kinase and myoglobin intothe bloodstream, which is really bad for your kidneys. How bad? According tothis review, as many as 40 percent of rhabdo cases end in kidney failure.Now before you freak out, cases are extremely rare. However, they do happenand given the circumstances many people find themselves in following thepandemic, this summer is primed for an uptick in rhabdocases. Soback to the whole High School reunion thing. The fear of judgement issomething that drives a lot of human behavior. No matter how confident we maybe, we all experience this to some extent. This is why for the many Americansthat have seen themselves gain some weight over the past year, there is a realpressure to want friends and colleagues to see us as we were pre-pandemic. Sohow do we lose the weight we gained over an entire year in just 30 days?Intense exercise and as little food as possible, of course. That is obviouslynot the solution, but unfortunately that is the route pushed by many fitnessapps, beach body programs, celebrity diets, and even some personal trainersnot worth their salt. This all creates the perfect storm for not just rareconditions like rhabdo, but many other exercise-related injuries. We live in anation that is 74% overweight, coming off an unusually sedentary 12 months, and feelspressured to reverse a year of weight gain in the shortest time framepossible. What could possibly go wrong? The solution? For starters–who careswhat other people think about how you look post pandemic? Easier said thandone, but keep in mind that the added stress of “having to lose this weight”will only make weight loss that much harder. Now as you ramp up your fitnessroutine, just make sure that you do just that–ramp up. Gradually build upvolume and intensity and listen to your body. Set yourself up for success inthe long run, aim for consistency, and remember that sustainable weight losscan’t be rushed.

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Speaking Of Pressure, Stress, and Exercise

I didn’t know this was a thing but apparently it’s a thing–hashtagfitspiration. #Fitspiration posts on social media are posts that highlightwhat the ideal body should look like. Add a motivational quote, maybe somesquinty eyes and the duck face (remember that trend?) and viola–fitspiration.We’ve all seen them, but according to thisstudy,

fitspiration posts are anything but motivational. Not surprisingly, these

posts increased negative mood and body image among young women. The solution?As suggested in this blog piece, it might be just as important to clean up your socialmedia feed as it is to clean up your diet. Who knows? A little less comparisonmight just make us all feel better.

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