Issue 121 | 🥕 It’s like inflation, but for carrots.

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“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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Monday. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The old adage is obviouslyabout more than just consuming apples. The principle behind the saying istried and true–eat nutritious foods to promote better health. But an appletoday just doesn’t get you what an apple did a few decades ago. Today, thesaying should be “three apples a day keeps the doctor away.” Why? Let’s divein.

They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

The fruits and vegetables we eat today just aren’t the same. It’s kind of likehow that old refrigerator you have in your garage will literally never stopworking and could double as a solid bomb shelter if you needed it to, but thatnew 12-in-1 Air Fryer you just ordered online a month ago is already fallingapart. You just can’t find quality anymore. We are supposed to get a lot ofour micronutrients (essential vitamins and minerals) from the produce we buy.The problem is that there are less of those vitamins and minerals in the sameexact fruits or veggies today than there were just a few decades ago. That’s right.When our grandparents had some carrots, they were getting a lot morenutritional bang for their buck than we are today. When looking specificallyat the mineral content in produce, the difference just a few decades makes ispretty stark. In this study, you see carrots dropping from 23 mg per 100g sample ofmagnesium to just 15mg in 30 years. You also see broccoli dropping from 103 mgper 100g sample of calcium to just 48 mg in that same time period. Theproblems this causes is especially dire when it comes tomagnesium,an essential mineral and one of the most important nutrients our body uses tofunction properly. Signs of magnesium deficiency, which are all too common,include muscle cramps and weakness, poor sleep, high blood pressure, andaccording to this study and this study, insufficient magnesium intake has even been shown toincrease the risk of developing mental health disorders. So how much magnesiumshould you be getting each day? This article has a helpfulchart atthe bottom to help you figure out what you should be aiming for daily. So whyare present day veggies letting us down? Well, poor soil health has a lot todo with it. As we continue to over farm the planet’s arable land and extractnutrients from our soil, there will be far less minerals available for theplants we grow. Add to that all of the runoff that occurs during heavy rainwhen land that is farmed conventionally is left bare outside of the growingseason and it is no wonder why our produce today is so nutritionallylackluster. Efforts to breed new varieties of crops that provide greateryield, pest resistance and climate adaptability have also allowed crops togrow bigger and more rapidly, but their ability to create or uptake nutrientshasn’t been able to keep up. We’ve taken a “bigger and faster is better”approach at the cost of nutrient density. Classic. The solution? Eat yourfruits and veggies (or organ meats ?), and more of them. You can also shop locally from regenerative farms thatare working to promote the health of the soil they grow on. What they harvestwill be much more nutrient dense than the stuff you get at the grocery store!

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Shocker–Our “Healthcare” System Sucks

Better eat your (three) apples a day to keep the doctor away–especially if youare uninsured. According to this Wall Street Journalanalysis ofpreviously confidential data, uninsured cash payers are often charged morethan insurance companies for the same service by the same hospital. Someoneexplain to me how that makes any sense… Unless of course, insurance companiesand hospitals have an under the table arrangement to help each other out, allat the expense of regular, hard working people. Our healthcare system isn’tset up to keep us healthy. It is just there in case we get sick. It issickcare, not healthcare. It is also a system heavily motivated by profit. Sobe proactive and do what you can to optimize your own health. The less you canrely on our healthcare system, the better.

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