Issue 119 | 🍗 Throw away that chicken.

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“To get rich never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the

wealth of wealth.”

– Richard Baker

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Thursday. Here is something you don’t hear everyday.? Big food messed up and has onceagain put our health in jeopardy. Is that even news anymore? Who knew pre-cooked chicken products could be deadly? Let’s dive in.

What The Heck Is Listeria?

As if a global pandemic wasn’t enough, you now have to worry about the chickennuggets in the frozen aisle making you sick. Great. Our friends over at TysonFoods are recalling nearly 8.5 million pounds of frozenchickenthat may have been contaminated with listeria. According to thisstatementput out by the Agriculture Department, there have been three cases oflisteriosis, including one death, originating from contaminated frozen chickenfrom Tyson Foods. Symptoms of listeriosis–the infection caused by thebacterium Listeria monocytogenes–include fever, convulsions, muscle aches andgastrointestinal issues. That sounds incredibly unpleasant. So how doeslisteria get into our food? Well, this is where the unsanitary conditions atbig food processing plants come into play. Heating food during the cookingprocess should get rid of harmful pathogens and make food safe to eat.However, when raw meat comes into contact with the final cooked product, thatis where cross contamination can occur. You can still kill off harmfulpathogens like listeria by reheating precooked products at home, but with foodlike chicken strips commonly used for salads, these products won’t be reheatedsufficiently enough to make them safe. Not to beat a dead horse here, but theobvious problem here is the size of these processing facilities and the sheervolume of food that is being processed. We have a food system that is blindlyfocused on increasing efficiency at all costs, even when one of those costs isthe potential harm caused by dangerous food borne pathogens, like listeria.The solution? Maybe skip the frozen, precooked meal aisle altogether? TVdinners and puffed bubble sleeves belong to the 60’s and should probably beretired as a thing of the past. Jokes aside, chicken from a smallerregenerative, pastured operation will not have the same risks of carrying withit dangerous pathogens as will the food products from food giants like Tyson.Shop local, shop regenerative, and keep pushing the ball forward towardsmeaningful change.

What’s more refreshing than a glass of sparkling wine this summer?

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Wine? Yes Please

Hmmm. Not Sure About This One.

Vegan chocolate fortified with vitamin B12… Plant-based cookie dough infusedwith vitamins and minerals… Sounds like sugary cereal from the 90s–marketed as”fortified with essential vitamins and minerals” and “part of a complete andbalanced breakfast.” I’m not buying it. Cookie dough is cookie dough. Infuseit with vitamins, call it vegan, do what you want. It’s still cookie dough. Agreat source of B12–meat. A great source of vitamins and minerals–not cookiedough. I’m sure the cookie dough tastes great, but let’s not pretend thatsweet treats and indulgences should be where we get our micronutrients from.As plant-based brands continue to push their products as superfood, healthyalternatives, it is becoming increasingly important to keep an eye out forsome of these dubious health claims. You’ll never see a grass-fed steakmarketed as vitamin fortified or infused with minerals because it doesn’t haveto be. It’s already a nutrient dense superfood, just the way nature intended.

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