Issue 118 | 🌭 Joey Chestnut doesn’t undereat. Neither should you.

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“If you truly treat your body like a temple, it will serve you well for

decades. If you abuse it you must be prepared for poor health and a lack ofenergy.”

– Oli Hille

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Wednesday. Is it still considered hump day if it’s a short week? These arethe important questions we need to be asking. Ok, a more serious question–areyou eating enough? Maybe, maybe not. One thing’s for sure–hot dog eatingcontest winner, Joey Chestnut, eats more than enough. He scarfed down 20,000calories worth of hot dogs this past weekend. Now, is that healthy? Nope, butneither is under-eating. Let’s dive in.

But I Want To Lose Weight…

It doesn’t matter. It may seem counterintuitive, but even if weight loss isyour goal, meeting the caloric needs of a toddler (1,200 calories or less) forextended periods of time isn’t healthy and can actually lead to weight gain.Many people fall into this trap. They feel like they are doing all the rightthings–eating unprocessed, nutritious foods, exercising regularly, andmanaging stress, but for some reason they still don’t feel great. They mayfeel sluggish, moody, and to their surprise, the weight on the scale mayactually be creeping up. What gives? If you’ve ever been in this situation,you understand how frustrating it can feel. Unfortunately, under-eating isincreasingly common among people that are very committed to living a healthylifestyle. It turns out that being maniacal about eating clean can oftentimeslead to a slippery slope that ends at not eating nearly enough. Our bodieshave been designed over thousands of years of evolution to help us not starve.Most of our time as humans on Earth has been spent trying to survive when foodwas scarce–hence why we have a very strong anti-starvation mechanism that getsturned on whenever we put our bodies into a caloric deficit. It is incrediblyimpressive what our bodies are designed to do, but they cannot tell thedifference between a caloric deficit due to food scarcity as a hunter-gatherer10,000 years ago, or you just trying Atkins for the third time this year. Ifyour body is put into an extreme deficit, it will slow down your metabolism tomake sure you burn less calories. In some cases, the number of calories youburn in the day can drop by as much as40%,causing you to feel crummy and actually gain weight instead of lose it. Under-eating can also lead to poor hormonal health and muscle loss due to the lackof sufficient protein. This can make you moody (hangry is athing) andmake it difficult to get good quality sleep, which can then spiral into abunch of other issues. So if you feel like you are eating all the right foods,but you still don’t feel energized, and you are experiencing mood swings, poorsleep, hair loss, or you just feel cold all day, you may not be eating enough.The solution? Eat more. Ok, that was facetious, but all jokes aside–even ifweight loss is your goal, feeling good should matter more than a number on thescale. Fuel your body appropriately and if you really want to dial things in,try tracking your food for a specified time period. The only way to know ifyou are eating enough is by actually measuring what it is you are eating. Onceyou start measuring, thisarticle hasa good method to estimate the baseline calories you should be aiming for.

Make sure you don’t under-eat or under-hydrate!

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Meal Kits Are So Last Year…

The pandemic made everyone a cook, but it seems a lot of people are over it.According to this report, meal kit sales will see a sharp decrease in growth this yearas people hang up their aprons and go back to business as usual post pandemic.One of the positive things that came out of this past year was the trend ofpeople getting back into their kitchens and cooking their own meals.Regardless of how “healthy” or “farm to table” an eatery may claim to be, theonly way to know that your meal is made up of ingredients you can trust, is bycooking it yourself. Does this mean that you shouldn’t go out on occasion andindulge at your favorite restaurant? Absolutely not. But cooking meals athome, whether it be with the help of a meal kit or not, should be the norm,pandemic or not.

Tonic Shots

  • Love pork? Me too. Cook your next meal at home with some of this delicious pork from an awesome regenerative brand. They have beef and chicken too!
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  • Check out this great podcast with an awesome chef and hunter doing really cool things in Austin, Texas.

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