Issue 115 | No! Not the 🍫 chocolate fountain.

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“Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action.”

– Joshua Holtz

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Thursday. Fried chicken, mac and cheese, sushi rolls, and carrot cake… onthe same plate. Does that sound appetizing or mildly nauseating? Thepopularity of the all-you-can-eat buffet is an American phenomenon and a goodsegue into today’s topic–what makes us so susceptible to overeating?

There Is Always Room For Dessert

As buffets open back up following the pandemic closures, there have been somechanges to the way some of these eateries operate. One change made at mostGolden Corral locations–you can no longer dip your own fruit in the chocolatefountain.An employee now has to do that for you. Covid really did ruin everything, huh?Reading through this article, it would seem as though buffets opening back up hasbeen a welcome return to normalcy for many Americans. One man quoted in thearticle said that the return of his favorite buffet “felt like a blessing.” Hehad soup, sushi rolls, sesame seed balls and ice cream and said “it feltamazing.” I am sure it felt amazing at the time, but I’m not sure how amazingI would feel minutes after a meal like that. Overeating is at the crux of manyof the health conditions that plague our society today. Obesity, insulinsensitivity, and heart disease to name a few, are all correlated with theoverconsumption of calories. So why is it so easy to overeat? This is wherethe quality of food comes into the equation. Buffet lines are full of cheap,ultra processed foods. Part of how buffets turn a profit, even though theycharge so little for an unlimited amount of food, is by sourcing their foodsas cheaply as possible. Processed foods are incredibly devoid of nutritionalvalue and are also usually lower in protein. This makes them less satiating,meaning you will want to eat more of them before you feel full. Then there issensory-specific satiety. This is the reason you always have room for dessert.At a certain point, you will get full off the same flavor profile or food. Butif there is a food with a different flavor profile (sweet dessert after asavory meal), you will magically have room for that new food. Combine allthese things together, and you can see why the buffet is a perfect store forovereating. This is also why it can be hard to not overeat at parties andcelebrations where there is an abundance of food choices, snacks, and flavorprofiles to choose from. The solution? Call me unreasonable, but I wouldn’tfrequent the Golden Corral if I were looking to optimize my health. And if youare going to a family barbecue or any other social event and want to make sureyou don’t over indulge, just make sure you prioritize protein on your platebefore hitting the snacks. Drink plenty of water and if you need to, makeyourself one plate of snacks and then walk away from the snack table. Buffetsor not, summertime doesn’t need to turn into the season of consistentoverindulging.

We get it. The summer holidays can be a minefield of sugary, carb-laden

buffet spreads…

Plan ahead and stock up on amazing I-can’t-believe-this-is-keto- friendlysweets so you can reach for a smarter snack or dessert. And hey! PerfectKeto has put together an awesome 4th of July sale so you save on your treatswhen you stock up: Buy 2 items, get 25% off Buy 3 items, get 30% offBuy 4+ items, get 35% off Just place your items in your cart and thediscount will be applied automatically at checkout!

Give Me Snacks!

Grape Lovers Beware. Read At Your Own Risk

I love grapes. So I was disappointed to see them pop up on this list of the10 worst foods for blood sugar. We’ve talked about blood sugar levels on the DailyTonic before, but I’ll quickly summarize–you want to avoid spikes in bloodsugar. These spikes lead to a corresponding spike in insulin and over timethose spikes can lead to insulin resistance and a whole bunch of healthissues. There are some more obvious culprits on the list, such as doughnutsand Chik-Fil-A, but it is important to note that some fruits have a muchhigher sugar content than others. Does this mean all fruits are bad? No–butthe more you know, the better off you’ll be as you look to avoid blood sugarspikes and optimize your metabolic health.

Tonic Shots

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  • Chocolate probably won’t do any favors to your blood sugar levels, but if you are going to indulge, indulge with Hu.
  • Every day is a coffee day! Make it golden!
  • Need to restock on some personal care products that are good for your health and the environment–say no more.

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