Issue 114 | Let’s all dance for California 🌵

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“A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to

take care of his tools.”

– Spanish Proverb

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Wednesday. We all need to do a dance–a rain dance for California. Thingsare getting DRY out there and they could use all the help they can get. I’mnot even sure what a rain dance looks like but it is worth a try. “Californiais in a drought” doesn’t even sound like news anymore, but this year, thingsare getting pretty bad. Let’s dive in.

Blame It On The Almond Milk

So how dry is too dry and why is almond milk to blame? Ok, so maybe almondmilk isn’t solely to blame, but it sure isn’t helping. California almondorchards produce 80% of the world’s almond supply, and like other tree crops,their production requires a lot of water. Things are getting so dry inCalifornia that farmers are being forced to let vast portions of theiracreage go dry, while others are having to pull out mature trees altogetherand replace them with younger trees that require less water. Almond trees aretypically a 25 year investment. For farmers to have to pull out mature treesearlier than expected and turn them into mulch is a brutal hit to an alreadydifficult and risky business. The drought isn’t just impacting almondproduction. California’s 69,000+ farms and ranches supply over a third of U.S.vegetables and two-thirds of US fruit. All of those crops are impacted by thelack of rain plaguing the state. This isn’t just a California problem. Climatechange has had a significant impact on food production all over the world.Brazil, the world’s biggest exporter of the fun stuff- coffee and sugar- had asignificantly dryer rainy season. In recent years, drought has also plaguedwheat growers in Europe and livestock producers in Australia. I know we took astab at almond milk at the top of this piece, but conventional dairy doesn’tget a pass either. Raising dairy cows in large feedlot operations takes a lotof water and it does nothing to replenish the soil. Dairy farmers are alsobeing forced to send cows to slaughter early as they run low on water andfeed. If only there were a way to grow food that would help us reverse climatechange in a meaningful way, all while producing healthier food options for asociety in serious need of improving their health. Oh wait… There is (it’scalled regenerative agriculture).

**It’s Getting Hot and Dry Out. Don’t Forget To Hydrate! (with more than

just water)**

1000 mg sodium, 200mg potassium, 60 mg magnesium. That is everything

you need and it’s all packed in LMNT!

LMNT is a tasty electrolyte drink mix with everything you need and nothing youdon’t. That means lots of salt — with no sugar. LMNT is formulated to helpanyone with their electrolyte needs and is perfectly suited to folks followinga keto, low-carb, or paleo diet . We’ve partnered with the LMNT team toprovide a very special offer for our Daily Tonic readers! Claim your freesample pack– you only cover the cost of shipping ($5 for US orders).

Sample Pack? Yes Please

Speaking Of Farmers In Distress…

Bill Gates is here to save the day! Mr. Gates gets a lot of airtime here onthe Daily Tonic. It must be because of all the great things he is doing forthe farming community and our planet… Enko, a crop health company supported bythe Gates Foundation, is designing ways to prevent pandemics in foodcrops.That’s right–in an effort to increase crop production for farmers, thiscompany is looking for innovative ways to combat pests, weeds and diseases forfarmers across the world. To clarify, what they mean by “innovative” is thatthey plan to develop more effective pesticides. Great… That’s exactly what weneed. Stronger, more resilient pesticides on our food. If only there were away to grow food that didn’t require the use of heavy inputs, such aspesticides or synthetic fertilizers, all while producing healthier foodoptions for a society in serious need of improving their health. Oh wait…again…

Tonic Shots

  • Pesticides suck. Avoid them by shopping organic when it matters most. Use this list to prioritize the produce you choose to buy organic.
  • Who’s grilling this summer? Use this awesome spice kit to add flavor and depth to your favorite foods this grilling season. They have great recipes too!
  • Skip the almond milk and try this easily digestible cow’s milk that is, of course, raised using regenerative methods.
  • Ready to put your money where your mouth is? This 28-day glucose challenge lets you earn your money back by eating healthy and optimizing your blood glucose levels. Not a bad deal…

Health isn’t just about _ food, movement, and mindset . It is alsoabout the_ _ interactions _we have and what we _ share with our fellowhumans._

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