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“True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known untilit is lost.”

– Charles Caleb Colton

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Tuesday. Maybe you have some grilling planned for this upcoming July 4thweekend? If you are buying your burgers, sausages, and steaks from yourfavorite regenerative brand or local rancher, you may not have noticed this,but beef is getting expensive. So why are beef prices on the rise and who israking in all the extra profits? Let’s dive in.

Wait… How Much For A Steak?

$56 for an eight-ounce filet mignon with two sides. Oh yea, and don’t forgetto tip your waiter! Maybe it’s because restaurants have been closed for solong that I forgot how much a steak costs, but $56 for eight measly ounces isa little bit out of budget on a writer’s salary. The kicker? That price isactually up $2 from what that meal recently would cost at a popular steakhousein San Francisco. And the worst part is that the $2 price increase is nothingcompared to how much more the steakhouse is paying for that cut of beef.Wholesale beef prices have shot up more than 40 percent, with certain steakcuts skyrocketing more than 70percent,according to the Department of Agriculture. However, restaurants and grocerystores are hesitant to pass down that astronomical price increase directly tothe end consumer in fear that they will scare buyers away. If that same eight-ounce filet was priced at over $100, who would order it? And if prices at thegrocery store reflected the actual price increase up the supply chain,consumers would just opt for pork, chicken, or dare I even mention it–fake,vegan, GMO, pesticide sprayed, lab-made plant stuff. Ok, so restaurants andgrocery stores aren’t the ones benefiting from increased beef prices. Thenwhat about the ranchers? Nope–most of the time, they are hardly breaking evenon the cattle they raise. So who’s left? Beef prices are going up and the end consumers,restaurants, grocery stores, and ranchers all seem to be getting the short endof the stick. What gives? Enter the big four–Cargill, JBS, Tyson Foods, andNational Beef. Responsible for 80% of the meat processing in the U.S, thesebehemoths seem to be the only ones benefiting from rising beef prices. Yousee, these guys own and operate pretty much all of the meat processingfacilities in the U.S, and therefore ultimately control the supply and theprice. There have been recent allegations made against the big four, claimingthat they are manipulating the market and artificially inflating prices justto benefit their own bottom line. So what are we doing about it? Well, therewas a Senate hearing about it this pastWednesday.Those are always incredibly productive and lead to prompt, effectivesolutions, so we should have this all figured out pretty soon. Ha. The realsolution is up to us. The big four are only big because consumers aren’tdemanding locally and regeneratively raised meat. If we can spearhead a shiftaway from products coming from these big processors, they will eventually losetheir power to manipulate the market in a way that exploits restaurant owners,ranchers, and customers.

Do you have hair, skin, or joints?

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Give Me Bone Broth!

Billion Dollar Do(ugh)nuts

Is it doughnut or donut? The life of a writer can be so hard sometimes.Anyway, Krispy Kreme doesn’t care how you spell it–the do(ugh)nut company istaking their fried pastries all the way to the bank and filing for an IPOthat will put their market valuation at over $3billion.According to filing documents, the Krispy Kreme mission is “to touch andenhance lives through the joy of Krispy Kreme.” They must really be enhancinglives to be worth over $3 billion… Maybe it was their recent campaign to handout free do(ugh)nuts to anyone with a COVID-19 vaccinationcard thathelped skyrocket the company’s success? I can’t think of a more powerful wayto “enhance lives’ ‘ than to encourage vaccination for a virus that heavilyimpacts the metabolically unhealthy with a food that makes you metabolicallyunhealthy. Sounds like Krispy Kreme execs will be able to afford those $100filet mignons no problem.

Tonic Shots

  • A few companies that are actually enhancing lives through regeneratively raised meat that never goes through a processing plant owned by the big four–Force of Nature, White Oak Pastures, and REP Provisions.
  • Travel, friends, adventures – it’s all happening. Get ready with Babbel. You could be ready to have conversations in a new language in as little as 3 weeks. Sign up today and get 55% off!
  • Have a sweet tooth? Skip the doughnuts and opt for some sweet, Keto snacks instead. Use code TDT for 15% off.
  • Check out this podcast with the founder of Force of Nature.

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