Issue 108 | 🍎 Cider Vinegar—health hack or nah?

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Tuesday. On today’s edition of “heavily debated health hack,” we aretalking about apple cider vinegar, or as the cool kids refer to it–ACV. Sowhat does the evidence show? Health hack or corrosive liquid you should avoid?Swipe left or swipe right? Let’s dive in.

Magic, All In One, Health Potion

They say you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. This istrue–it is much easier to get what you want by being polite than by beingrude, but this doesn’t tell us much about the health benefits. What does thescience say about vinegar, specifically of the apple cider variety? Over thepast few years, ACV has gained a lot of popularity in many health circles.According to some Instagram self acclaimed health experts, ACV can help youlose weight, improve hair, skin, and nails, lower your blood pressure, andeven cure cancer. Here is a shocker–don’t believe everything you read onInstagram. Most of these health claims are a bit of a stretch, and they set adangerous precedent. Whenever something is touted as such a versatilesolution, people automatically assume they can replace actual healthy habitswith their miracle elixir of choice–in this case ACV. Before we move on, it isimportant to hammer this home. Eating mostly whole foods, avoiding refinedvegetable and seed oils, curbing sugar intake, moving daily, and proper stressmanagement is the best way to guarantee all the benefits we listed above. Nomatter what the science shows, miracle vinegar shouldn’t replace any of that.It isn’t all shaky science though. According to this review of severalstudies andthis other study conducted by the American Association of Diabetes, ACV can be anatural and simple way to lower your blood sugar response to a meal. You alsohave this study, which showed that ~1-2 tablespoons of ACV can slow the rise inblood sugar after a high-carb breakfast (bagel and orange juice) in healthy,insulin-resistant, and type-2 diabetics. No one should be starting their daywith a bagel and orange juice, but regardless, the results are promising.We’ve talked about this before on the Daily Tonic–reducing spikes in bloodsugar and the corresponding insulin response that follows should be animportant priority for anyone looking to optimize their health. Frequentspikes in blood glucose can damage blood vessels, increase inflammation, andeventually lead to insulin resistance and increased risk of disease. So whatis the final word? ACV is obviously an acidic liquid. The one thing mostpeople can agree on is that if you are going to add ACV to your health hackingroutine, you shouldn’t drink it alone. Diluting it in water or adding it tofood is the way to go. As for the benefits, the impact on blood sugar spikesseems to be the one with the most science to back it up. However, that doesn’tmean you should open the flood gates and start making bagels a breakfaststaple. Remember–tried and true healthy habits come first. ACV or any otherhealth hack comes second.

Science Backed Health Hack–Workout Your Brain, Learn Something New!

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Nestle Isn’t Healthy…

If you read the headline just right, it rhymes. In a bit of not-so-surprisingnews, a recent leak of internal documents acknowledged that nearly 70% ofNestle’s main food and drinks products, making up about half of the foodgiant’s total annual sales, do not meet a “recognized definition of health”and that “some of our categories will never behealthy”.The good news? The recent backlash and dent to the company’s image followingthe leak has motivated them to commit to updating their nutrition and healthstrategy. What does that mean, exactly? Only time will tell. The importanttakeaway here is that consumers can absolutely impact change. Even the biggestfood companies will react if educated consumers, like yourself, pressure themto.

Tonic Shots

  • A snack you can feel good about? Yes please!
  • It isn’t ACV, but it is a vinegar that supports regenerative agriculture. Give this a try and add it to your next salad!
  • Did you know Kettle and Fire now has Keto bone broths?
  • If we had to pick a single miracle solution to optimizing health, it would have to be good, restful, consistent sleep. Check out this product to get better Zzz’s and use code DAILYSLEEP for 20% off.

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