Issue 106 | 🥤 Soda + glucose monitor = science.

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“Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are our gardeners.”

– William Shakespeare

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Friday. Put it in the books–another week is behind us. Maybe you areplanning to loosen the reins a little bit and indulge in something sweet thisweekend. If only there was a way to show your sweet tooth some love, whilemitigating the blood sugar spike that follows… if only… oh wait. Let’s divein!

Just Go For A Walk…

Like literally–just go for a walk. I’ll explain. We have talked about insulinresistance before on this DailyTonic, butI’ll quickly recap. The reason we want to avoid the regular over consumptionof refined sugars is to avoid insulin resistance. Every time we dump aboatload of sugar into our system, our body needs to release insulin so thatwe can absorb that sugar to either use it for energy or to store it as fat. Ifour body is doing this too often, our cells become insulin resistant,requiring us to release more insulin every time to get the same desiredeffect. Continuing down this path will eventually make our cells so insulinresistant that your body’s insulin production can’t keep up, and that leads toa wide array of serious health issues. So basically–we want to avoid spikes inblood sugar that will require our body to react accordingly with a big releaseof insulin. One incredibly effective, yet unpopular way to avoid blood sugarspikes–don’t eat sugar. But where’s the fun in that? Another solution?Science has entered the chat Our friends at Levels ran a small, unofficialexperimentusing their real time, blood glucose monitors and had some promising results.It turns out that by immediately following sugar intake (in this case a can ofsoda) with some sort of movement (in this case just a simple walk), you cansignificantly lower both the peak and the duration of the corresponding bloodsugar spike. It turns out that muscle contraction when you exercise is aneffective mechanism that absorbsglucosewithout the corresponding rise in insulin. It also turns out that you don’thave to exercise profusely to realize thesebenefits.As long as you aren’t completely sedentary after consuming some sugar, anymovement helps! Are refined carbs still something you should avoid? Yes. Is itrealistic to say you won’t ever have a sugary treat again? Ehh… probablynot. So what’s the takeaway? Try to always follow up sugar intake with somesort of movement. Even if it’s just a walk, any movement will go a long way.

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Moving In The Right Direction

In another follow up to a topic we’ve discussed before, there is a Veterangroup championing the decriminalization of psychedelics inCalifornia,and it seems things are moving in the right direction. First introduced inFebruary, California’s psychedelic decriminalization bill has passed theSenate Health Committee, the Senate Public Safety Committee, and just acouple weeks ago, the State Senate. It now heads to the State Assembly for avote. It is becoming more clear that psychedelics have tons of potential tohelp treat several mental health conditions. In a bit of feel-good newsheading into the weekend, it is promising to see groups pushingdecriminalization forward so that these treatment options can become morewidely available to so many that can benefit from it.

Tonic Shots

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