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“Eating crappy food isn’t a reward–it’s a punishment.”

– Drew Carey

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Friday. Make sure you go out and celebrate tonight–this is Daily Tonicnumber one hundred! (It’s technically #101 but I forgot yesterday?). Whether you’ve been reading everyissue since day one or you’ve subscribed recently, we want to say thank you!Here’s to the next hundred funny, informative, science-backed, oftentimesfrustrating newsletters! What better way to celebrate one hundred than withour favorite topic–plant based meat alternatives that are terrible for you.Let’s dive in.

Yes, Again.

Yes–we’ve tackled this topic before. The most popular meat alternative brandsaren’t doing our health or the health of our planet any favors. Whether we aretalking about Impossible Meat’s GMO soy patties or Beyond Meat’s pea proteinalternative, both of these products are riddled with reasons why we should allavoid them. To quickly recap, the ingredients that make up these products aredevoid of the nutrients and protein content found in high quality meats. Theyalso commonly use processed seed or vegetable oils, which as we have alsopointed out, are very bad for your health. The ingredient list on theseproducts themselves tells a compelling story. Check out this ingredient quizand see ifyou can tell which of the three ingredient lists is for dog food and which twoare for plant based meat alternatives. Those shouldn’t look that similar… Andthen of course, there is the environmental side. Even though these brandsconstantly lean on the messaging that their products are saving theenvironment, that is simply not true. Beyond Meat gets most of the protein ituses for its product from peas grown in China, carrying with it a substantialnumber of food miles and the environmental impact associated withtransportation. Impossible Foods uses soy, which is one of the main culpritsin depleting our soil health through conventional monoculture agriculture. Soyfields are tilled (destroys soil), sprayed (destroys soil), and leftcompletely bare when it isn’t growing season (destroys soil). Given that soilhealth is at the crux of our environmental issues, I don’t know how brands canargue that these products are doing any good for our planet. Which leads us tothe reason we are writing about this topic again–glyphosate. The mainingredient in the widely used weedkiller, Roundup, glyphosate has been linkedto causing cancer by a growing body of scientificevidence.Roundup is very effective at killing weeds and once we figured out how togenetically modify crops (GMOs) to be resistant to glyphosate in the 1990s,Roundup’s efficacy became even more impressive. Farmers could now spray thechemical liberally, without fear that crops would be impacted. This led tosignificant trace amounts of the dangerous chemical making its way toconsumers through GMO crops and the foods made with them. And this is where weswing back to the Impossible Meat burger and why it is worth mentioning againhow bad these products are for your health. Thisstudy foundan alarming amount of glyphosate on samples of Impossible Meat. Makes sensesince it is made mostly from GMO soy. The solution? Don’t fall for the “plant-based meat is better” argument. It’s better than what? Better than the feedlotraised, grain-fed, antibiotic-treated, animal protein? Possibly. But is itbetter than a grass-fed, regenerative, raised-as-nature-intended meat product?The comparison isn’t even close.

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Weekend Buzzkill Alert

How could we? Buzzkill news on a Friday AND on The Daily Tonic’s celebratoryissue number one hundred? (actually #101, but disregard) Chocolate isn’texactly a healthy superfood but indulging every now and then is something weall do, regardless of how much of a health nut you claim to be. If someonesays they don’t like or never have some chocolate, I suggest you turn aroundand run for the hills. With all that being said, you may want to pay closeattention to what brands you choose to purchase for your next indulgence.Some big U.S chocolate companies are in some hot water for child laborabuseshappening as part of their global supply chain. A lot of the raw cocoa usedfor making chocolate comes from West Africa, where child labor is common.Indulging occasionally is fine, but digging a bit deeper into where your foodis coming from is always an important practice. Remember–you vote with yourdollars every time you make a purchase. If we all take that responsibilityseriously, we can have a significant impact on this world.

Tonic Shots

Health isn’t just about _ food, movement, and mindset . It is alsoabout the_ _ interactions _we have and what we _ share with our fellowhumans._

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