Issue 100 | 💊 Big Pharma is a big problem.

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“There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal

capital asset.”

– Arlen Specter

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Thursday. In case you missed it–Jeff Bezos will be going into space nextmonth. Howis that health related? Well, it’s not, but it is newsworthy that this will bethe first human flight into space that will bring passengers on board. It istruly fascinating how much we’ve progressed as humans over the last fewdecades. We used to only send astronauts into space–now we can send astronautsand billionaires. With so much progress, you’d think our pharmaceuticalcompanies would be developing mostly safe drugs to help keep our societyhealthy by now. Ehhhh… let’s dive in.

Big Pharma Sucks

Seriously–Big Pharma is the worst. According to this Harvardstudy,properly prescribed drugs cause a total of 2.74 million serious adverse drugreactions a year and about 128,000 of those people die from those adversereactions. That does not includeoverdosesor improperly prescribed drugs. These figures rank prescription drugs fourthamong leading causes of death in an average year. Fourth! So maybe that isjust the very unfortunate and tragic price of progress? After all, aren’tprescription drugs helping far more people than they are harming? You wouldhope that were the case but it seems that millions who take new, patenteddrugs experience only modest benefits over established drugs. Only a smallpercentage of new drugs provide significant advantages for patients to offsetthe risks of adverse effects. Independent reviews over the past 35years havefound that only 11 to 15 percent of newly approved drugs have significantclinical advantages over existing, better-known drugs. So what gives? Well,this may be another classic case of “follow the money.” You see, big Pharmaprovides 75% of the FDA’s drug reviewbudget,which means that they are pretty much funding the government organization thatis supposed to regulate them. What could possibly go wrong there? Shocker–overthe past few decades since biopharmaceutical companies started funding FDAreviews, approvals for new drugs have skyrocketed and the time it takes toget a new drug approved has been shortenedsignificantly. The bar set for new drug approval seems to be getting lowerand lower. So let’s summarize here so we can all have our blood boil withfrustration a bit on this fine Thursday. Big pharma gives money to the FDA.The FDA keeps lowering the bar to approve new, patented drugs. Those newpatented drugs are, generally speaking, not that much more effective thanexisting ones. However, they are a lot more expensive and carry higher risksof adverse effects. Oh, and keep in mind that medical bills are the leadingcause of bankruptcy in the UnitedStates. Thesolution? We all have to prioritize our health by eating the right things,moving our body regularly, prioritizing sleep, and maintaining strongmeaningful relationships with those we love. The less we need to rely on ourbroken “healthcare” system, the better.

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On A More Hopeful Note

We’ve talked about PFAS on the Daily Tonic before. They have been touted as amiracle chemical for years by many industries. They make clothing waterresistant and keep eggs from sticking to cookware. However, they have alsorecently been linked to serious health problems, which is a big problem giventhe fact that PFAS are widely used in food packaging, cookware, and processingequipment. Luckily, that could soon change. A new piece of legislation thatwill likely be introduced in the coming weeks by Representative DebbieDingell(D-Michigan) would largely enact a federal ban on the use of these chemicalsin food production and packaging. We are rooting for you, CongresswomanDebbie!

Tonic Shots

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